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The 68th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Dental Research

Dates: 11/7 (Sat.) -8 (Sun.), 2020 Venue: Tokyo Dental College new school building at Suidobashi, Tokyo, JAPAN Congress President: Kazuyuki Ishihara

Message from the Congress Chairman

Dear Craniofacial and Dental Scientists:

In behalf of the organizing committee and as the Chairman of the 68th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Dental Research (JADR) 2020, I am delighted to welcome every one of you to this meeting. It is our great honor and pleasure to hold such a prestigious meeting. Although conducting this meeting is very difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we express our gratitude to the president of JADR, Professor Satoshi Imazato, and all of our distinguished guests for their attendance.

JADR has contributed to the advancement of basic and clinical research in the dental science field in Japan, in collaboration with the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). We have decided to designate "Beyond Borders: From Dental Research to Future Oral Health" as the main theme of this meeting to expand the basic and clinical research and produce a new translational researc h for spurring evolution in dentistry.

We will invite Dr. Pamela Den Besten (from IADR) and Dr. Joo-Cheol Park (from the Korean Division of the IADR (KADR) as Special Lecturers, who will share with us their future outlook in regard to dental science. As for the Keynote, Professor Richard J. Lamont from the University of Louisville will present an interesting lecture concerning the process of dysbiosis in periodontitis.

We will also organize three symposiums on this particular topic, entitled "At the front-line: Etiology of periodontitis," "Pathophysiological approach from the oral function to systemic diseases" and "Future is now! Stem cell revolution in hard and soft tissue engineering" from which we reach the frontline of periodontitis, oral function from the pathophysiological viewpoint, and stem cell research. We also organized a symposium on neuroscience for young investigators.

Although the meeting will take place online because of the complicated COVID-19 situation, we believe that this meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for all attendees to learn together in the virtual world to evolve dental science through telecommunications beyond the physical distance.

The 68th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Dental Research
Congress President: Kazuyuki Ishihara, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Professor Department of Microbiology, Tokyo Dental College

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